Contract for Combined Travel

Terms and Conditions


The Organizing Agency is not responsible if in the case of any specific convention or congress, at a given time, that change the category of the hotel, required by the authorities of the respective countries, Reimbursing the difference. In case of accommodation and breakfast included in the price of the trip, it is the continental (except for other specifications). In certain cases and due to the early hour of a transfer to the airport or vice versa, it is possible that the service of breakfast, lunch or dinner can not be used on the day of said transfer, which will not give right to reimbursement.

Hotel Classification: In most countries there is no official category or this is not comparable to the Spanish parameters. For this reason, the category indicated in the accommodations corresponds to specific professional assessment.

Hotel rates: Contracted and publicized rooms are based on the name provided by the establishments. If a room other than the published one is confirmed, the price may vary. Hotel supplements (additional nights, for dates of stay, for weekdays) are applied to the period of stay that coincides with the dates indicated, and are not governed by the date of departure. During certain periods of the year such as festivities and special events, hotels may require a minimum stay, as well as the obligation to hire Special or Gala Dinners. These supplements will be communicated to the client at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

Fees: In certain destinations and by government mandate, hotels can demand the payment of fees that the client must pay at destination.

Types of rooms: The rooms usually have one or two beds, regardless of the number of people occupying the same. In certain destinations the number of rooms with double beds in the hotels is very limited. We suggest clearly indicating this option when requesting the reservation, even if said observations and others are left to criterion and availability of the hotel establishment and / or service provider. The triple or quadruple rooms are understood as double rooms in which occupancy by a 3rd or 4th person is allowed, either using existing beds (usual case in the US and Canada) or incorporating extra beds.

Schedules: The international hotel standards establish as usual hours of access to the room between 14 and 15 hours and as departure time between 10 and 12 hrs. May vary depending on destination / country and rules of each establishment. Credit cards: Hotels can request your credit card as credit authorization. We remind you that you must pay extra expenses when you leave the hotel. Tenerife Les Friendly declines all responsibility for this type of expenses.



These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law of Consumers and Users and other laws, Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Conditions of the Contract and other effective dispositions.

The consumer who wishes to contract a package trip will formalize a "reservation request" that will include the informative program, the Particular Conditions that, where appropriate, proceed and, by reference, the present General Conditions. After this request, the organizer will take the necessary steps to obtain confirmation of the reservation.

In the event that one of these services can not be confirmed due to lack of availability, another one with similar characteristics that the client may accept or reject will be offered. In the latter case, Tenerife Les Friendly will reimburse the amounts paid as a down payment. The perfection of the combined travel contract occurs with the notification of the written confirmation of the reservation. From that moment, the combined travel contract is mandatory for both parties.



All users without exception (children included) must have in order their personal and family documentation, being the passport or ID according to the laws of the country or countries visited. Obtaining visas, vaccination certificates, or other documentation will be for their account. In the case of being rejected by any authority the granting of visas, or denied entry into the country for lack of the required requirements, the organizing agency declines all responsibility, being on account of the consumer any expense that may arise. In case of loss of travel documentation by the client, which causes loss of services, Tenerife Les Friendly, will not be responsible for the costs incurred by a new reservation and / or issuance thereof.

Health: We recommend going to a health center to get updated information and avoid any setbacks. You can consult more information on the page belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Round trip transportation, when this service is included in the contracted program / offer. Unless otherwise indicated, the offer program reflects prices per person for flights in economy class, when said service
it is included in the contracted program, with the type of transport, characteristics and category included in the proposal that incorporates the information program, or in similar ones in case of substitution requested by the consumer and accepted by the organizer.

Housing: when the service is included in the contract, in the establishment and the diet contained in the proposal, or similar replacement if requested by the consumer and accepted by the organizer program.

Indirect taxes or fees - Value Added Tax (I.V.A.), Indirect Canarian General Tax (I.G.I.C.), etc.-, when applicable.
The technical assistance during the trip, when this service is specifically included in the proposal / proposal contracted. All other services and supplements specified specifically in the contracted proposal or expressly stated as a special condition in the combined travel contract.



Visas, airport taxes and / or entry and exit fees, vaccination certificates, "extras" such as coffee, wine, spirits, mineral water, special diets not even in cases of full board or half board, except expressly agreed in the particular conditions something else, washing and ironing, optional hotel services, and in general, anything and any other service that is not mentioned in "the price includes" or not specifically record detailed in the proposal, in the particular conditions or in the documentation that is delivered to the consumer upon signing it. On snow trips, unless otherwise indicated in the information program, the equipment, ski lifts and ski courses will not be included.

In the case of excursions or optional visits not contracted at source, it must be borne in mind that they are not part of the combined travel contract. Its publication in the proposal is purely informative and the price is expressed with the indicative "estimated". Therefore, at the time of contracting at the place of destination, there may be variations on their costs, which alter the estimated price. These excursions will be offered to the consumer with their specific conditions and definitive price independently, not guaranteeing the possible realization of the same until the moment of contracting.

Baggage: The luggage is permanently under the responsibility of the contractors of the trip. The loss or damage that occurs in relation to hand luggage or other objects that the consumer carries and keeps in his custody are of your sole account and risk.

Excursions: It will be understood that the visits and excursions that are included are made up of a panoramic tour with possible strategic stops at points of interest, in regular service. In visits and excursions in which
include any food, it is understood that it does not include drinks, coffees, or other extras. The visits are subject to slight modifications due to the restoration of buildings or monuments, traffic restrictions or operational reasons such as unfavorable weather conditions.



By credit card and bank transfer. The price of the package trip has been calculated based on the exchange rates, transportation rates, fuel cost, taxes and rates applicable on the date of the program's edition or subsequent ones that, if applicable, have been made public. printed form.



At all times the user or consumer can withdraw from the services requested or contracted, having the right to the return of the amounts paid, whether it is the total price or the advance provided in the preceding paragraph, but must compensate the Agency for the following concepts:

* In the case of single services, € 50.50 (VAT included) per person for management expenses, plus cancellation fees, if the latter had occurred.
* In the case of package tours: € 50.50 (VAT included) per person for management expenses in any case, plus cancellation fees, if any, from the tour operator wholesaler. The cancellation costs will be the following: A penalty, consisting of 5% of the total trip if the withdrawal occurs more than ten days and less than fifteen days before the date of commencement of the trip; 15% between days 3 and 10, and 25% within forty-eight hours before departure. If you do not show up at the scheduled time of departure, you will not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Once the airline tickets have been issued and the insurance issued, the expenses will be 100% in addition to the expenses indicated above. The travel programs included in this website are subject to the General Conditions of the package travel contract of the program / travel organizer, which will be duly informed at the time of booking confirmation. Please read them carefully and sign as proof of conformity. Prices and descriptions valid except typographical error.

In the event that any of the services contracted and canceled are subject to special economic conditions of hiring, such as freight of airplanes, ships or special rates, cancellation expenses for withdrawal will be established in accordance with the conditions agreed by both parties. The resolution produces effects from the moment in which the
The consumer's will to solve comes to the knowledge of the organizer. Any resolution on the part of the consumer and user, must be communicated in writing, through where the services were contracted during working hours. Once the resolution is known, the organizer will return the amounts paid to the consumer, minus the management expenses and, if applicable, cancellation fees and penalties.



When the benefits of the combined travel contract are governed by international agreements, the compensation of the bodily and non-bodily harm resulting from the breach or the poor performance thereof will be subject to the limitations established by them.

When the airline cancels a flight or has a long delay, it will be responsible for providing the necessary assistance and attention to the affected passengers, having to bear the costs of meals, calls, transportation and overnight stay if applicable, in accordance with the provisions of the EEC Regulation 261/2004, which establishes the common rules on compensation and assistance of air passengers in cases of denial of boarding and cancellation or long delay of flights. In case of flight cancellation, you will also be obliged to pay the corresponding compensation to the passenger, as well as to reimburse the price of the airline ticket if the passenger opts for this option. If the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, the air carrier in charge of making the flight will not be obliged to pay the compensation but will provide the necessary assistance and attention to the passengers. affected and reimburse the price of the ticket if they opt for this option.



According to the rules established by the European Community, if there is any anomaly in the trip, you must file a complaint during the trip. The hotels do not accept claims once the property has been abandoned. The price of the package trip has been calculated based on the exchange rates, transportation rates, fuel cost and applicable taxes and fees on the date of the program / trip edition. Any variation of the price of the aforementioned elements may result in the revision of the final price of the trip.


Tenerife Les Friendly offers a Travel Assistance Insurance covering the client for all its trip. This coverage will be made available to clients who may or may not, at their discretion, hire them.



When users request supplementary services (for example, ocean view room, etc.) that can not be definitively confirmed by the organizer, the user may opt to definitively abandon the requested supplementary service or maintain his request while waiting for such services They can finally be borrowed.



Air taxes: They are unified and mandatory taxes that must be included in the air ticket. These amounts vary according to the date of the trip, the currency exchange, the routes and stops that are made. Their final amount will be communicated to them at the time of the air ticket issuance.

Airport taxes: These are entrance and exit taxes in each country, which can not be included in airline tickets. The payment of the same is done locally by the passenger at each airport.

Rates for fuel increase: These are additional fees that some companies use to regulate the impact of the constant fluctuation in the price of oil. They must also be included in the air ticket, and their final amount will be notified at the same time as the airfare.

The special conditions of air fares oblige us to inform you that the calculated price may be modified depending on the availability of seats. In case international or national flights suffer some type of alterations in their day of operation or schedules, the itineraries may be modified in their order or content. In some cases, certain flights will be made with an airline that does not appear on the air ticket or in the confirmation of the reservation, due to the use of shared codes and alliances between airlines, which will not be the responsibility of Tenerife Les Friendly



The modality of the same will be specified in any reservation, whether it is a regular or private service. By default they will be regular unless otherwise indicated.
Tips are not included in the price of the package trip. In the case of cruise ships, a complementary contribution is not included in the price of the trip, which is usually, although erroneously, usually referred to as a tip, and whose amount is a function of the duration of the trip and is the sole recipient of the service staff. , about which at the beginning of the trip the client is warned that he must assume the commitment to deliver at the end of the trip.



These General Conditions and Provisions will be in force until they are replaced by new ones.